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'Dance of the Fireflies'
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Mary Powell Wagner is originally from Elkhorn City, KY and grew up in a house about a hundred feet from the Big Sandy River. A self described “river rat,” she enjoyed more than anything exploring the mountainsides, creeks, and riverbanks surrounding her home, which was the inspiration for her first book, Simon Salamander. As a child, Mary was fascinated with the world of the river critters and brings them to life delightfully in her story of unlikely friendship and adventure. Christopher Epling’s beautiful illustrations are sure to make the children smile. Mary has two grown children and lives and works in Lexington, KY.
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"A much loved event that takes place every summer brings back sweet memories in all of us"
"Brought to life by award winning cartoonist, Christopher Epling"​
"This beautiful rhyming tale will bring back the child in all of us."
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